About Us

The Arizona Legislative District 17 Republican Committee represents local registered Republicans in most of  Chandler, parts of Gilbert and all of Sun Lakes.  We are Republicans, just like you!

  • We believe in American exceptionalism.
  • We believe the United States of America is unlike any other nation on earth.
  • We believe America is exceptional because of our historic role — first as refuge, then as defender, and now as exemplar of liberty for the world to see.

We meet the 4th Tuesday of every month 7:oo PM behind Tri-City Baptist Church,  Heritage Chapel, Rm. 140, 2211 W. Germann Rd., Chandler, AZ.

Our Executive Board


Collin Coker stands in front of American flag

Collin Coker


  • Presides over all meetings of the District organization and Executive Board.
  • Represents the District as a member of the Maricopa County Executive Guidance Committee.
  • Appoints all committee chairmen, except the chairmanship of the nominating committee, with the advice and consent of the Executive Board.
  • Assigns and control access to  financial accounts of the district through the authorized Banking Institution the district utilizes.
  • Keeps members of the District organization informed of the activities of the District, County, and State Committees.

First Vice-Chairman

Joshua Askey stands in front of American flag

Joshua Askey


  • Performs duties of the Chairman  in his absence.
  • Chairman of the Programs Committee.
  • Chairman of the Legislative Liaison Committee.

Second Vice-Chairman

Curtis Hirschi stands in front of American flag

Curtis Hirschi


  • Presides at meetings when  Chairman and First Vice-Chairman are absent.
  • Chairman of the Precinct Committeeman Recruitment and Education Committee.
  • Keeps roster of the Officers, Precinct Captains, Precinct Committeemen, and elected Officials of the District.
  • Precinct Committeeman Coordinator.
  • Coordinates precinct committeeman petition drives.

Third Vice-Chairman

Angi Stamm stands in front of American flag

Angi Stamm


  • Chairman of the Voter Registration Committee.

Fourth Vice-Chairman

Perry Brafford elected as 4th Vice-Chairman at LD17 statutory meeting Nov 2018

Perry Brafford


  • Chairman of the Fund Raising/Events Committee.

Recording Secretary

Aaron Harris Sr.

Aaron Harris, Sr.


  • Records minutes of all the regular District meetings, Executive Board meetings, and special meetings.
  • Maintains the District’s permanent records.

Corresponding Secretary

Dustin Collin stands in front of American flag

Dustin Collins


  • Conducts correspondence and communications for chairman and executive board.
  • Communicates notices of District meetings to committeemen.


Julie Willoughby elected as Treasurer at LD17 statutory meeting Nov. 2018

Julie Willoughby


  • Custodian of District funds.
  • Pay all bills upon the authorization of the Chairman.
  • Keeps an account of all the moneys received and disbursed.
  • Reports accounting at regular meetings and as requested by the chairman.
  • Chairman of the Finance and Budget Committee.
  • Publishes annual report to the District and such other reports as required by law.
  • Submits all required financial reports to the state, county and municipalities.

What Precinct Am I In?

Legislative District 17

LD 17 Map


LD17 Bylaws