Door-Knocking Event Saturday July 21

We had a successful door-knocking event last Saturday hitting a total of 741 doors in LD17! We’d like to continue that momentum and make it even more successful this Saturday! We are going to be back at it at:

9:00 am at The Forum
Saturday, July 21st
301 S Stearman Dr
Chandler, AZ 85286

We will start at 9:00AM and go until whenever you’d like.

Amanda Higby, one of our AZ GOP Field Organizers, will be there at 9am to get everybody set up on our walk app if you’re not already and show everyone the ropes.

Remember, even if you only have an hour of time to donate, it’s an hour much appreciated! Bring a few friends with you if you’d like.

Your volunteer efforts have NEVER been as valuable as they are now. Door-to-door voter contact will be the difference between blue and red this November- A voter’s likelihood to vote goes up by 6% every time you speak with them!!

Looking forward to seeing you all this weekend. Please let Amanda know if you plan on attending. If you cannot attend, please forward to your friends in LD17 and it doesn’t have to be PCs.

If you have questions, please call, email, or text Amanda Higby at

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