GOP Call to Action

GOP Call to Action

GOP Legislative District 17 is hurting.  Harassed, threatened.  Under attack.

Your GOP district urgently needs your help, right now:

  • Our district is a top Democratic target for November’s election.
  • LD 17 has been a battleground district over the last few elections.
  • Our Republican registration advantage has been cut by a third since the district was formed!
  • Outside groups are spending a ton of money to turn Arizona blue.
  • Our Republican advantage in the State House is vulnerable.
  • Election results in our district will determine who controls the State Senate.

What can you do?  Provide an opportunity for those who live nearby you to meet our GOP legislative candidates.  Be willing to open your home for an hour during an evening for a neighborhood meet and greet.  The district and candidates can take care of invitations to your neighbors and provide finger foods or deserts.

Holding a meet and greet in your home will provide your neighbors with an opportunity to ask candidates questions, air their concerns, and make the voting decision.

Email Bert Moll right now and give him a date in September or October for your meet and greet.  (

Can we count on you to advance our Republican values in our district to victory in the November election?

A Recent Meet and Greet Held in the Islands Neighborhood

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