New Leadership Sworn In At MCRC Meeting 1-12-19

Peaceful transfer of authority at the end of the meeting–from outgoing Maricopa County Republican Committee Chairman Chris Herring (right) to incoming Chairman Rae Chornenky. Chris Herring did not run for office again, and looks forward to spending more time as a dad. Photos by Robin Finlinson.
Steve Parsons sings the national anthem.
Congressman Paul Gosar.
Congressman Andy Biggs.

Congresswoman Debbie Lesko shares a message from Washington, D.C. A health concern sadly kept her from being able to fly home to the meeting.
Congressman David Schweikert.

Rae Chornenky asks to be voted in as Chairman.

LD 17’s Leanna DeKing and Chairman Collin Coker.
Maricopa County Attorney Paul Petersen mingles with Precinct Committeemen.
Teenage Republicans tell of their fundraiser.
The new Maricopa County Republican Committee officers take the oath of office.

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