7:00 PM Tuesday, October 23rd District Meeting AT NORMAL LOCATION

Organizing for the General Election – Final Push

Arizona Republicans attend district meetingTuesday, October 23rd at 7:00 PM will be our District Meeting at the normal meeting location, Tri-City Baptist Church Heritage Chapel (in the rear of the property), 2211 W Germann Rd., Chandler.

We will be forming the nominating committee at this meeting, so please come prepared. Our District officer election will be at the November meeting.  Therefore, a nominating committee of five members will be formed in our October meeting.  At the October meeting we will vote on the nominating committee members.  Nominations of members to serve on the nominating committee will be made from the floor.

The nominating committee is responsible for submitting nominations for District officer candidates to be elected at the November meeting.  Please note:  if you served on the nominating committee two years ago, you may not serve on the nominating committee again until 2020.

Just as a reminder, the officers of the District include Chairman, First Vice Chairman, Second Vice Chairman, Third Vice Chairman, Fourth Vice Chairman, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary, and Treasurer.

We will also be approving the minutes from the past few months.


I.                   Call to Order (Chairman Bert Moll)

A.                 Prayer: (Chaplain Matt Eberle)

B.                 Pledge of Allegiance (Leanna DeKing)

C.                 Welcome and Introduction of Elected Officials and Candidates

II.                Organizing for the General Election (Chairman Bert Moll)

A.                 Election Campaign Activities

1.                  Congressman Andy Biggs

2.                  State Legislators (JD Mesnard, Jeff Weninger)

3.                  Nora Ellen: Vote Republican Sign Campaign

4.                  CUSD School Board (Josh Askey) – “Single Shot”

5.                  Victory Office hours

6.                  Need for Poll Observer Volunteers

B.                 Reports from Officers re: election activities

1.                  Anne Kirkham re: house meetings

2.                  Collin Coker: promoting the Republican message through use of social media

C.                 Preview of the 2020 Presidential Election Cycle

1.                  Another Senate seat up for election—it will get ugly with the presidential election

2.                 Our Playbook — incorporate what we learned

III.              Committee Business (Chairman Bert Moll)

A.                 Call for Quorum

B.                 Call for Approval of Minutes from previous Meetings

C.                 Election of members of the Nominating Committee

1.                  Nominations taken from the floor

2.                  Vote

D.                 Other Business

E.                  Announcements

IV.             Adjournment (Chairman Bert Moll)

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